Lou and I are getting ready for a crazy..........

April 17, 2018

   It's a crazy busy week here at Santa Barbara Photography.  As we put on the finishing touches for montages, inventory printer supplies for the photo booths, start charging batteries, even order a new battery to replace a questionable unit since we can't take chances, calling clients to confirm details and confirm that we have our assistants and attendants scheduled.  Were even finding time to meet with new clients as well. 

  You see, many clients hire a photographer and think the investment is expensive for the 8-10 hours we spend with them on the day of their affair.  Often clients don't realize that more time is used prior to and after the affair. Once we're done shooting we then have to download & back up all of the images and start editing. Editing 1000+ RAW files can take a whole day. Making sure exposure, sharpness, color, cropping are all perfect. Once I'm (Yea, I edit my images personally) happy, I let one of our Mac computers start processing. Once that's done I have to upload the photos for the web gallery, if the client has proofs in their package, send the files to the lab be printed, and once those are back check that they are all in the right order and fill the display box with the proofs.  I am sure I am missing a few things but you get the idea, the fee you pay your photographer goes toward a lot more than the time and skill used at your affair. 

   Anyway, if you happen to be attending an affair at Temple B'nai Torah(4 times), Temple Beth El, St. Andrews Country Club, Temple Bnai Israel, Woodfield Country Club, Temple Sol El,  West Palm Beach Convention Center, Wyndham Deerfield Beach or on a Sundream Yacht this weekend, maybe you'll see us in action.  

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