Giving Back

December 5, 2018

     Here at Santa Barbara Photographer, we're half way through our 28th year.  Earlier this week I wrote a blog about how styles and the images we create have changed over the years.  Well that got me thinking about some other things that have changed.  20 years ago something we really didn't think about was giving back.  We ran the business in a way where the reward was measured by how many events and clients we booked each year.  The reward was being able to buy the latest gear and toys to play with at weddings and events. 

     As time goes by, the way we measure reward changes.  No longer are dollars the final word.  These past several years, both personally and professionally, I have been rewarded by giving back.  Giving back to worthy causes by providing our skills and services without the concern about monetary reward.  Some of the organizations we have given back to include several area synagogues, local Alzheimers fund raisers, cancer organization, pet rescues and most recently offering our services to those chosen by Pure Energy for their Free Mitzvah Program.  In many ways these contributions we make are more rewarding than monetary and physical rewards in the past.  

Giving Back
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