As the season winds down.....

May 22, 2018

     As we prepare for this busy weekend, we're also aware that summer is fast approaching and the mitzvah and wedding season is coming to an end.  With most of us in the South Florida event industry, we look at summer from two perspectives, first it's a much needed break from the numerous 7 day work weeks, but also we scramble to figure out how to keep the business busy during this hot, rainy, slow time of the year. The electric bill still needs to get paid, as does rent, ad contracts, phone bills and insurance for example. After Memorial Day, the Florida social event industry shuts down like a switch.  Instead of wedding & Mitzvah season, it's hurricane season. 

     One of the things we do is offer specials during the summer. It's a great way to stay busy and also for clients to save money buy holding their events in the off season.  If this sounds interesting, call me and let's discuss. The summer slow season also gives us time to consider taking on personal projects.  For us here at Santa Barbara Photography, this could mean photographing something we typically do not.  I was thinking it would be cool to photograph a wedding and deliver images all in B&W. It's also a time to catch up on the latest equipment and techniques. Lou has added the latest Sony mirrorless camera to his kit and has been working with it to see what it's capable of.  I added a new digital lighting system to the array of lighting gear I already own. It offers some features that will allow some new techniques for me as well. 

     The images I have included here represent photos created either with a specific theme in mind, or some with no theme, just areas of photography that are different than what we typically photography week after week.   What can we create for you...........This summer

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